CMSC Range Rules

These rules are dictated by the fact that CMSC is a privately owned and insured range. As an owner/member of the CMSC you are insured when shooting on this property as long as you are following the rules-if you are not following the rules and have an accident you are liable.

  1. Range hours are: The pistol range start time is 0700 and ending at 2100.  Rifle and shotgun from 0600 to 2100.
  2. The front gate must be locked at all times. Once you have entered lock the gate behind you.
  3. Members will not loan their key out. All shooters or family groups must have a key in their possession when on site. All keys are individually numbered.
  4. All shooters on site, when asked by another shooter for their identity must identify themselves to that shooter in a cordial manner. If asked to produce a key, a shooter must produce a key and show the person asking, the number on that particular range key.
  5. Shooters must never use alcohol or drugs while shooting on the premises.
  6. All guests, children under 19 and pets must be under the immediate supervision of a CMSC member.
  7. All persons on the firing line and in the shooting areas must WEAR eye and hearing protection.
  8. All actions must be open, chambers empty and magazines removed or unloaded when firearms are uncased. Firearms may only be uncased on the firing line with the muzzle pointed down range.
  9. If your firearm does not have a case, your action must be open, chamber unloaded and muzzle point directly up in the air.
  10. Only firearms that are on the firing line may be loaded and then only when the line is HOT*. Firearms not on the firing line must have their actions open and magazines removed and cased or in the rifle rack along the back wall. If the magazine is not removable then all ammo must be removed from the gun.
  11. All actions must be open; chambers empty and magazines removed or unloaded and gun on the bench before anyone goes down range during a cease-fire. Handguns must be unloaded, magazines removed, and holstered or benched.
  12. If no RSO is present shooters will designate a member to be RSO. Only the RSO can send shooters down range. The designated RSO shall hang cease-fire flags.
  13. No shooting at wildlife unless specified for varmint control.
  14. All shooting will be on designated ranges only, using established berms and specific bullet impact areas (backstops) except during some competitions and shoots. During special competitions or shoots authorized by the board will the side berms be used as bullet impact areas. Don't shoot over berms - keep bullets in backstops to insure they are contained on the range.
  15. Only CMSC authorized targets and target holders may be used on all ranges. Only posted specified distances may be used and only from specified benches or bays. Shooters must remove all targets from supplied target holders when done shooting and place target holders in storage area under shelter. Absolutely no other items will be brought onto the range to shoot at for target practice except during competitions or shoots. Shooters who have custom-built target holders may get them approved by an RSO for use on the range. CMSC members who see seniors or handicapped struggling with target placement are encouraged to help out in these situations.
  16. The rimfire bay is for .22 long rifle cartridges only, 22 mags, 17hm/mach2 are to be used at the high power range. The rimfire bay is a "family" bay...please be aware that other people may be waiting and keep shooting times to 1 hour.
  17. When the command Cease-Fire is heard all shooters will stop shooting immediately and freeze with their actions pointed downrange. They will await further action from who called the cease fire.
  18. Handicap shooters shooting from the handicap vehicle pullout (at the high power range), when alerted to a cease-fire shall pull their firearm into the vehicle and open the action on the firearm.
  19. During a cease-fire no firearms may be handled for any reason unless authorized by the RSO. Shooting may not commence until the RSO has verified that all shooters are off the range.
  20. Shooters are required to police their brass when done shooting. Shooters can donate fired brass to the club by putting their brass in the club brass receptacles or keep their brass. Shooters cannot take brass out of the brass receptacles.
  21. Misfires are to be put into the box labeled "misfires" at each range.
  22. During a cease fire once the command has been given to step back from the red line, no shooter may cross the red line and resume shooting until the RSO has given the command.
  23. The use of armor piercing, steel core, iron core, explosive or tracer ammunition is prohibited on CMSC property.
  24. On entry to any range area the first shooter driving in will raise the red flag to mark that this particular range is under use. The last shooter leaving, at any time of day, will lower the red flag at that particular range. The red flag is a universal gun range signal that there is shooting being done on that range. Flagpoles shall be set in a way that all shooters going into and out of a particular range will notice easily if there are shooters present.
  25. Red flags with a diagonal bar will designate cease fires.
  26. Fully automatic firearms are not allowed on any range whatsoever.
  27. 50 BMG's are not allowed on the range.
  28. Magnum handgun calibers (calibers designated as "magnum" by name) are not allowed at the pistol range and may only be used on the high power range.
  29. During busy times each bench or bay has a maximum use time of (1) hour.
  30. At anytime an RSO may remove a shooter(s)/members(s) whose behavior is irresponsible or unsafe to themselves or other members.
  31. Alcoholic beverages are strictly forbidden unless the board approves it for an event. Then all firearms must be locked and stowed and all ranges cold before before any alcohol is served.
  32. Members will police their shooting area and take with them any trash they may have brought with them.
  33. Smoking, eating, and drinking beverages is strictly forbidden in the shooting areas. Do this in the parking areas away from ranges.
  34. All pets out of vehicles must be leashed by their owners and owners will clean up after their pets.
  35. 10 mile per hour is the maximum speed limit on the range.
  36. Pistol range target check times are on the quarter hour (15/30/45/60)
  37. High power range target check times will be quarter after and quarter to the hour or as designated by an RSO or CRSO.
  38. RSO will identify themselves when offering safety advice to shooters. In this event the shooters will directly follow the orders given by the RSO.
  39. Violation of these or other good judgment rules could possibly result in termination of membership.
  40. All members will go through range indoctrination by an RSO before picking up a gate key.
  41. The high power range will be closed for one week every year to allow for grazing. This will help to keep fire danger to a minimum.
  42. Firearms are not to be cleaned in the shooting areas ...clean them in the parking areas. BE SURE YOUR FIREARM IS UNLOADED AND POINTED IN A SAFE DIRECTION.
  43. Ammunition going faster than 1300 fps will not be permitted in any pistol bay.
  44. Shooters will not stand closer than 10 yards from steel targets.
  45. Shooters are encouraged to wear long pants and long sleeve shirts when shooting steel pistol targets...this will help prevent injury from splatter.