Member orientation

  1. Remember to double-check the gate on entering and leaving the property.
  2. Keep your copy of the SOP (range rules) handy.
  3. Read the calendar and jump in and get involved with the different shoots: competitive and instructional.
  4. CMSC will be having a number of instructional shoots where you will just need to show up, so that you can learn how the particular type of competitive shoot being taught works.
  5. There has been a number of shooters talk of getting together for impromptu shoots on a given morning or afternoon each week or month. The board of CMSC encourages this type of usage. Call lists can be obtained form your board.
  6. When there are large crowds of people using the ranges, we would encourage you to keep you car locked and personal property in sight. Your property and firearms are your responsibility.
  7. There has been interest in forming some instructional groups for different types of shooting exercises. The board of CMSC is receptive to this type of activity.
  8. The board would encourage you as a shooter to bring these items to the range
  9. Leave the range cleaner than when you came. Pack it in / Pack it out. Please pick up your brass and take your old targets with you and place the target holders to their proper storage area. .22 rimfire brass is not biodegradable. There will be brooms and dust pans at each shelter.
  10. When sitting down to shoot at a bench, make sure that you have physically and visually checked down range for any problems or people.
  11. Always communicate with everyone using the handicapped vehicle stall at the high power range when you are shooting off one of the benches. These folks will need to be told when a CEASE FIRE has taken place and also when the range is HOT again.
  12. This is a cold range. Never bring a loaded firearm onto the range. Firearms entering or exiting the range shall have their actions opened (this includes carry guns).
  13. Shooters should have only one firearm on the line at a time.
  14. Do not handle firearms during a cease-fire.
  15. Be aware of your actions and the actions of your fellow shooters.
  16. On the pistol steel bays, targets must be at least 10 yards away from the shooter, unless shooter is involved in a competitive shoot or formal training.
  17. You may not bring cans or bottles or any other material other that paper targets on site to utilize. CMSC provides the steel targets for shooters wanting to shoot objects. Bringing unapproved targets to the range is the quickest way to loose your membership.
  18. know your target and what is beyond it.
  19. Be sure your gun is safe to operate and that you know how to operate the gun.
  20. All clubs that use the CMSC property are self-supporting and have a differing membership requirements. When these clubs have competitive shoots, the shoots are under the auspices of that club and their RSO's.
  21. Some events such as black powder events will use a walk-a-round target course that may use some of the coulees and hillsides mapped out and presented to the board for approval. The targets and map for these events will need to be authorized by the board and a CRSO.
  22. The policy of CMSC is that all members should approach all other members with a cordial, civil demeanor. If you become embroiled in a conflictive issue, at the range, just walk away and get the license plate as you leave. As soon as you can call the sporting goods counter at Don's and they will alert the proper people to take care of the issue. If a formal complaint needs to be put into action, please read and follow the directions under the policy notes.
  23. The only way everyone can enjoy the range is to take care of the range / equipment and pick up after themselves. CMSC has no paid janitorial service so you as an owner are the janitor. Everyone must give a little when the range is busy, we all will be better for this.
  24. Absolutely no shooting of fence wire, posts, wooden target holder legs or signs is allowed.