CMSC organization policy

  1. Yearly dues are $25.00 for individual or family memberships...refer to term "family" in the CMSC bylaws. Other levels of membership are covered in the membership form.
  2. This is a recreation facility built to promote the shooting sports and camaraderie among shooters belonging to organization. To this end we ask all shooters and users of this facility to show patience and the ability to be cordial with all other users. Many of our members are older or handicapped if they are shooting paper take time out and help them hang paper up. There may be a day in you later years that you need a helping hand collecting or hanging targets.
  3. CMSC has graveled the road to the 500 yard berm..
  4. CMSC members may have out of area guests at any time at no charge, all CMSC asks is that all range rules be followed and that a CMSC member be present at all times. Members will take full responsibility for all guest' actions. CMSC members may bring an out of area at any time but a local guest may only be on site one time and then the CMSC member needs to ask the guest to join the organization. The $25.00 membership would apply (this rule involves our insurance company).
  5. CMSC will have a spring and fall work day. All members are asked to take time to attend at least one of these days to help do the work that needs to be done to keep the range in working order. These work days will be posted on the range calendar.
  6. There will be a calendar of events put together on April 1st of each year. The calendar will be distributed on-line and at local sporting goods stores. This calendar will be a guide to range availability and organized shoots. There will be times during the year that a portion of the range could be off limits to members because of a range rental, a teaching/training activity or a local shooting club activity. Range rentals are done in a way that the range is covered for damages and liability, plus we make money to help finance the range. CMSC rule changes will be implemented with a 30-day notice posted at the range and on-line on the website.
  7. Membership dues are due and payable by April 1st each year and can be paid at the sporting goods counter at Don's. New members will need to pick up their information packet, pay dues and pick up a key at Don's also.
  8. CMSC must, by law have one-day per year open to the general public. This day will be held near the opening of Montana Big Game Season. We will encourage members who are RSO's and hunter safety instructors to help on this day
  9. CMSC membership rosters are available from CMSC board members
  10. The only time the CMSC front gate will be open and left open will be for an event that is open to the general public. The front gate must be locked by Sundown on days that public events are held.
  11. Range keys that are lost will have a $25.00 replacement cost. The number of the key that was lost will be retired from the key sequence. Please contact the Sporting goods counter at Don's for a replacement. No member will duplicate the key that they have been given; this leads to automatic loss of privileges.
  12. Extra Copies of the CMSC Standard Operating Procedure book (SOP) will be available from CMSC board members or at local sporting goods stores. The cover states " CMSC Member Manual"
  13. Take all lost and found items to the sporting goods counter at Don's store. This will be the clearing house for those looking for items left behind at CMSC.
  14. CMSC would encourage members to park cars in an organized manner when parking in the parking lots that are available. There is absolutely no off road driving unless done under the name of range repair, weed spraying or clean up.
  15. All member complaints and enforcement issues fall under the auspices of the CMSC board. Any member of CMSC shall be held accountable for any conduct by himself or any guests accompanying him considered to be injurious to the organization or its purposes or objectives. Any member in good standing may lodge a formal complaint by doing so in writing and sending to CMSC board at P.O. Box 250, Lewistown, MT 59457. At a regular or special board meeting the complaint will be addressed, the accuser and accused will be given 15 days notice to attend. At this meeting if the accused is found guilty as charged then the board can take such action as it deems necessary. Please read the by-laws for any questions.
  16. All training personnel teaching on site shall make known to the board of CMSC of their certification and insurance for the particular type of training being conducted. Members with proper certification are covered under CMSC insurance.
  17. All members of CMSC shall sign a Hold Harmless Agreement as a prerequisite to their membership. Failure to sign the agreement will nullify their membership.
  18. It is the policy of the board of CMSC to standardize procedures for the procurement of grants, solicitations and monetary requests. All such types of requests to outside interests must be routed through the board of CMSC. There will be times that different clubs using CMSC will receive money from individuals or organizations for specific use for their club. The check should be written to Central Montana Foundation with CMSC/"whatever the club" in the memo line. CMSC will pass the money to that particular club by check.
  19. The board of CMSC shall approve the use of CMSC property by all clubs and realize that there may be new clubs form that will utilize the property. The one prerequisite for all clubs is that their membership shall be open to all members of CMSC. The board realizes that clubs utilizing the range will probably have their own dues structure and entry fees for shoots. The board asks that the entry fees for such shoots have a different lower entry fee for CMSC members versus non-members. ALL shoots that charge an entry fee for the shoot shall provide CMSC a $5.00 per shooter fee to offset wear and tear on the range. Non- CMSC affiliated Clubs having shoots with shooters who are not CMSC members will need their own insurance for such events. If the majority of shooters are going to be CMSC shooters then a call to the CMSC insurance group can be made and insurance coverage can be had for any particular shoot. Clubs that utilize only CMSC property and CMSC members exclusively will be covered by CMSC insurance. All non-CMSC member shooters that come into the range for special shoots shall sign a guest membership form before doing any shooting at a particular event. A guest shooter would need to sign a guest membership form for each shoot they participate in during the year.
  20. All clubs utilizing CMSC property shall have a representative come to general board meetings and this representative shall be elected to do so by the entire membership of that particular club. Voting board members shall be decided by the organization by-laws.
  21. The board and CRSO(S) of CMSC shall approve all rentals and rental agreements of CMSC property.
  22. The staff at Don's Store (sporting goods counter) will provide Key control
  23. Special board meetings will be held to determine the gravity of alleged conduct listed under a formal complaint of incident report. Those present shall include the board of directors and CRSO(S), the RSO or member that filed the complaint and the member or club the complaint was filed against. After hearing both sides and comments from the CRSO(S) the board, and its discretion, may choose one of the following action:
    1. To dismiss charges
    2. Give a written reprimand with one copy given to the member and one kept on file.
    3. Suspension of the members privileges for an amount of time to be determined by the board of directors
    4. Revoke the members privileges...after a period of one year the member may apply for reinstatement.. this application will be brought before the annual club meeting and will require a 2/3 majority vote by members present to re-instate membership status
  24. Those member who give up their membership status for any reason (including not paying dues on time) shall submit their key until such time that they once again become a member. The past member shall have 10 days to turn in their key. The billing cost of a key not turned in is $100.00 payable within 30 days.
  25. CMSC cannot make it mandatory that all users are members of the NRA but we encourage all members to belong to the NRA and support its efforts.