What we see in our future

The goals of the Central Montana Shooting Complex are to present a clean safe range for the people of Central Montana to utilize. Through this utilization we hope to see the shooting sports grow. The goal is to have 500 member families over the next few years using the range.The Board of CMSC will be promoting many types of shoots; Cowboy Action shoots, Combat pistol shoots, turkey shoots, skeet shoots, sporting clay shoots. There are a tremendous variety of shoots that this set of ranges can handle at any given time. Through these activities we hope to provide as many opportunities as shooters can handle

The ultimate goal will be to finish paying off the loan on the property and start the work on an indoor building that would have a range suitable for large bore pistol and rimfire rifle. This building would have two classrooms for firearms instruction and hunter safety lessons plus a kitchen area. This building would have state of the art air movement and lead capture systems.

As CMSC reaches to finish our goals of a premier shooting facility. We look forward to talking with any person or group that is interested in making a large tax-deductible donation to Central Montana Shooting Complex. We still have the Rifle and Magnum Pistol range, Skeet Range, Sporting Clays Course, Indoor Range Building and the entire complex, with name at the front gate, which can be named after some interested person or group. First class signs for central Montana's shooters to see will forever sign these names on each particular venue. Those price tags for naming the different venues are as such

Rifle and Magnum Pistol Range $50,000.00
Skeet Range


Sporting Clays Course $250,000.00
Indoor Range Building $250,000.00
Front Gate of Complex $300,000.00