Who is Central Montana Shooting Complex

The Central Montana Shooting Complex (CMSC) study group was organized in the spring of 2000 by Dale Pfau. All of the shooting clubs in the area were asked to come to an organizational meeting and many showed up to participate in the search for property. The search for property took over two years to complete. All possible locations with in a half-hours drive of Lewistown were explored; six possible sites were selected for further review. CMSC actually had two of these sites reviewed by NRA site review personnel. The current site was selected in 2003 and was purchased in 2004.

From the start of the organizational process a Charlie Pfau fundraiser has been done each year at the Central Montana Trade Center. This fundraiser has given CMSC the needed money to apply for matching grants through the Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks. Grants have also been applied for and received through the Friends of the NRA. The first grant received was, at the time, the largest grant ever given out by the State of Montana NRA fund committee $43,760.00, this was followed with a grant for $53,000.00 in the spring of 2007.

M.K. Weeden Construction, in the spring of 2004, started work on the complex. The general range layout was put together by Gerry Spenny with engineering help from Monte Weeden of M.K. Weeden Construction donated the majority of the dirt work that was needed to bring the range up to NRA specifications. Ongoing fundraising continues with the goal of paying off the property and building an indoor range on site. The CMSC Charter Member group has been organized to help pay off the bank note with substantial donations. All tax-deductible donations should be written to the Central Montana Foundation with Central Montana Shooting Complex noted at the notation line.

Central Montana Complex belongs to the shooters of Central Montana that have joined CMSC. The Corporation is a 501-C-4 quasi-public organization ($20.00 per family membership). Its by-laws and board of directors elected each year at the annual meeting govern CMSC.

The founding board:

Dale Pfau, At large position, President and general fundraiser

Gary Kruger, Pistol sports- Vice-President

Ron Tucek, Indoor target rifle- Treasurer

Jack Barney, outdoor target rifle- Secretary

J.R Walling, shotgun sports

Bruce Luhrsen, hunters safety instructor

Tom Swanz, at large position, Utica rod & gun recreational shooter

Gerry Spenny, Range Design

Charlie Pfau, Spring Fundraiser Organizer