Action-Defensive Pistol


Any revolver or automatic of adequate accuracy is acceptable.  A second revolver may be staged for revolver shooters, and at least 1 spare magazine for automatics is recommended.
All shooters will shoot at 5 pins on a table 25 feet away.  Shooter will be timed from the start signal until the last shot. Each shooter will shoot 3 tables with their best 2 times being taken, and divided by 2 and they will have their average time.
1.    All range rules enforced.  Eye & ear protection must be worn by all shooters and spectators.
2.    No firearm handling except when in designated safe area or after given load command by range officer.
3.    Firearms to be brought to the firing line cased and unloaded (cylinder empty, chamber empty and magazines removed).
4.    When a shooter is on the line, a Range Officer will ask you to: " load and make ready" that is your command to load your fire arm.  Start position is barrel of firearm touching the table.
5.    You will be asked if you understand the course of fire, after your reply the RO will tell you to stand by. When start signal sounds, shooter commences firing.
6.    When the last pin has cleared the table shooter is to unload firearm and show timer the empty cylinder or chamber.  Firearms will then be cased.
7.    When range officer declares "the line is clear", the shooter will then proceed down range to reset pins on table for next shooter.
8.    Firearm handling while pin setters are down range is expressly forbidden

Everyone is welcome to come and watch or shoot!
If you are shooting please bring a strong side holster, at least 3 magazines and around 75 rounds of ammunition, and $1.00 U.S. Dollar. This is to help pay for targets.

If you have any questions please contact:

Action/Defensive Shooting
Every Tuesday night from 18:00 till dusk

Focused on defensive shooting such as drawing the pistol from the holster, movement, fast target acquisition and multiple targets, and Steel Challenge shooting.

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